Every year ARD updates and expands its production base, seeking to cover the maximum from the digital technologies segment.

Digital wide-format printing

Your products will have extremely bright, vibrant, spectacular and plausible colors that will attract the attention of viewers.

Digital Flatbed UV Print

This is the latest technology of printing with liquid polymer inks that dry out during the process after exposure to UV light. Instant ink drying enables this technology to be used for direct printing on any materials such as PVC, foam, polycarbonate, plexiglass, textiles, paper, wood, glass, aluminum and many others, with the biggest advantage being full color print for small quantities, personalization and the ability to print on dark bases, as well as back printing of Plexiglas and Glass (transparent materials).

Direct printing on wood and wooden boards can be of uncompromising quality!

Photorealistic printing on all kinds of materials – a perfect solution for any specialist looking for new horizons in the field of interior design and carpentry.

Digital Print

ARD has a 33×48 cm digital press. Fast, high-quality and efficient printing of paper and cardboard. Optimal solution when printing full color promotional materials in small and medium quantities, as well as for single pieces made in short terms.

PVC Cards Print

Monochrome and full color card printing. Personalization and recording of magnetic tape.

CD Print